The End


Gimble and Bid woke up from being drugged in a wagon being driven by a dragonborn named Asus.  He told them that there was an urgent mission for them at Ferrin Creek that they needed to attend to as soon as possible.  On the way there they were stopped by a goblin leading two zombies on a chain.  A fight ensued between the two heroes and their enemies as Asus watched them disapprovingly.  It was a close call with both nearing death multiple times but in the end, they managed to succeed.  Nothing was learned about the small group as they were not investigated and they continued on towards Ferrin Creek without further incident.  Once arriving at Ferrin Creek Asus disappeared for an hour and left the two to their own devices.  Bid got blackout drunk from half a shot of homebrew and Gimble wasted time making a useless toy for himself.  After the hour was over they were met by Madame Brewster in her office who told them of the missing girl and the many people who had died trying to find her.  Our heroes learned that her last known whereabouts was in the dungeon, where they proceeded to go.  Once inside the dungeon with no way of knowing where to go they got lost eventually finding their way to a dead end where they heard mysterious noises and to a close call with a ghast.  Later they found a pair of zombies who proceeded to beat them up until an angel intervened in a wave of holy light and saved them from certain death.  After the end of the encounter the angel joined their team.


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